2.21 – They Party Amongst Us

You know… When Luna told me about Alien Night at the bar, I thought she was having me on, but here we are, in the bar, and I can safely say that there are at least three aliens here… Maybe more, I’m told they can wear disguises… Creepy!

We’d decided to go out and celebrate the signing of the sale agreement of our new house, the Von-Windenburg Estate that the Villareal’s currently live in. It took long enough for the papers to be signed and go through the legal avenues, but come Sunday, we’ll be living in a massive new home.


Hugo seemed to be in his element. He was chatting away to two of them at the bar for quite some time.


While Luna and Elsa were laughing about some new Vine that went viral. I didn’t find it particularly funny, but I do have a world famous comedian as a mother, I’m kind of spoilt for lols.


Hugo joined us in a game of Don’t Wake the Llama when the two Alien woman excused themselves from their conversation.


While Axel struck up a conversation with the fiery-haired one himself. I asked him later what they spoke about, but he didn’t seem to recall even talking to her… Weird!


With a resounding crash as Blake pulled out the wrong piece, our game was over. Elsa was just happy that it wasn’t me that lost.

“Fooseball?” Blake asked as she cleaned up the board.

We agreed upon a couple vs. couple game and Blake called over Axel in true epic fashion.

Blake: “Hey Fuck-knuckle! Fooseball!”

Axel: “Oh it’s on!”


Elsa: “Fooseball? What’s that?”

Hehehe, I fell for that scam once.


We took a three goal lead, as Elsa took over the game. I think I touched the ball only twice during that three goal streak, and that was only to block goals.


They managed to snatch back two goals in quick succession – one each, due to my inferior defence, which Elsa was not happy about.

Elsa: “I think you’d better stick to your music babe.”

“Yeah, me too.” I laughed as we continued the game.


Elsa took control once more, and scored another goal to bring the score to 4 – 2. One more goal was all we needed, and Elsa delivered…


I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to get the ball in the air and started to juggle it between her defence and midfield lines. Axel and Blake were powerless to stop her as she showed off her Fooseball prowess, they just watched each juggle with ever-growing attention, and that is when she struck. Elsa launched the ball back to her defence and spun the handle in a powerful backspin, connecting with the ball on such an angle that it curved right past Axel’s valiant defence. 5 – 2, the game was ours…


I mean hers.

Axel: “What’s Fooseball huh?”

Blake: “Yeah, never falling for that one again!”


Ah… The winner’s embrace. Best part of the night.



2.20 – Date Night

Boy am I nervous, my date with Blake is tonight and I want it to go perfectly.

AxelPreparingForDateMomma suggested I take a bath to calm myself down… it didn’t work. I just hope that I don’t butcher it tonight. Guess I better get myself ready.


Whoa, who’s this handsome looking dude?


Oh, it’s me!


I totally got this… I’m still freaking nervous though, but I got this!


The second I saw Blake, my heart skipped a beat.

“Whoa, you look… amazing!”

Blake: “Aw, thanks! You scrub up nicely too!”


She’s blushing, that’s a good sign right?

“So… Um… Want to go inside?”


Smooth dude, real smooth! Idiot!

Blake: “Lead the way handsome.”

Wait, did she just use my own flirty comment back at me?


We spent a while checking the menu for something that caught our eyes, but nothing stood out like Blake. I was captivated by her beauty, and she knew it.


The waitress arrived and took our orders.

Blake: “I’ll have the Italian Meatballs.”

I scanned the menu one last time, set on ordering spaghetti.

“And I’ll have the… Oooooh! Volcano Pasta!”

Waitress: “And drinks? Might I suggest Love Potion #4?”

Blake and I looked at each other and giggled, “Sure, why not.”


We were left alone and I don’t know, something about the ambiance calmed me down and I became more like myself. I started flirting like crazy, and Blake was no less flirtatious.


Fifteen minute passed by and a different waitress came out with some bad news.

Waitress: “I’m sorry guys, but there was an incident in the kitchen involving a rogue bag of popping candy, a bottle of cream soda, and your Volcano Pasta. Let’s just say that Dante’s Peak had nothing on the eruption in the kitchen! Are you guys okay to wait some more? And would you like to change your order at all?”

Blake: “No that’s fine with me.”

“Yeah, me too. And now I really, really want that Volcano Pasta!”

Okay, that was too funny, I should tell my momma about this waitress, she would like that kind of impromptu joke.


Back to the business at hand. All nerves were gone, and we were in full-flight.


I couldn’t get over how gorgeous she was, and how lucky I was that she was attracted to me.


I even spotted Elsa her with her parents, we smiled briefly at each other and carried on with our own things.


Not long after that our dinner arrived and boy it looked good!


It’s a shame the taste didn’t match the looks. I’m pretty sure that if I’d ordered the spaghetti like I had originally planned, I wouldn’t be complaining about the bad food.

Now that the date was over, and we were outside Blake’s house, I just had one last thing to ask.


“Um… Blake?”

Blake: “Yeah?”

She had an expectant look about her, did she already know what was coming?


“Um… Would you be my-“


Blake: “YES! A thousand times yes!”

Well, it’s a good thing I wasn’t just asking her to be my study buddy!


I bet I smiled like a dork, I smiled like a dork didn’t I?


We stepped in to her front porch, and the nerves struck me once more.

“Well… Goodnight my beautiful Blake.”

I stepped towards her, and stared into her stunning eyes.


“Goodnight my-“


Wow… Amazing.

2.19 – Best Momma Ever


“Hey Momma, how was your day?” I asked when I heard her approach me.

Shea: “Good thanks, spent the entire day down in the Laughing Pit with my club.”

“That’s cool.” I replied as I carried on with my homework.

Shea: “How was school today?”


“School was boring today, but I heard that Axel’s teacher let him run the class and he started up a game of Truth or Dodgeball!”

Shea: “That was always my favourite game at school!”

“Yeah, I’m gutted I missed it. I hate being in separate classes!”


Shea: “And who’s fault is that? You two did kind of cover the entire Teachers’ Lounge with candy floss; which attracted no less than seven colonies of ants.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the memory of it. “I know, I know.”

Shea: “It’s not really a laughing matter Steven Stevens. If it wasn’t for a certain ninjapig, you two may have ended up expelled.”

Even though she used my full name, which is usually reserved for when I’m in trouble, I knew that she was joking; I remembered her reaction when the principal told her, she fell out of her chair backwards and literally started rolling on the floor in laughter.


That little fake lecture aside, she started to help me with my homework.

Shea: “C-U-N-C-T-A-T-O-R-E”

“Mum!” I laughed, “There’s no E in cunctator! I haven’t fallen for that gag since I was a kid!”

Shea: “Well, you can’t blame me for trying! What does it mean then smartypants?”

I knew the answer, “A procrastinator.”


Shea: “Hmm… Sounds like somebody I know.”

“Very funny!”


As I finished up my homework, momma made this startled sound.

Shea: “Oh! I forgot to mention, we’re going out to dinner tonight. Get yourself dressed and looking smart. We’re meeting your mother and brother there. Now quick-smart!”

It was no use arguing with her. I had planned to play my instruments tonight, but like I’ve said before, my momma’s only here for so long, we’ve gotta make the most of it. I ran off downstairs to get ready for our last-minute dinner.

I’m sitting in the lounge when I noticed someone walk up to the door.


“Huh, what’s Elsa doing here?”


Shea: “Oh look at that, you have a guest. Wow, she looks so pretty! You can’t turn her away when she’s dressed like that, you stay and entertain your friend.”

“Um… If you’re sure?”

Shea: “Of course I am! We’ll only be gone a few hours, have fun and take care!”

Momma gave me a quick hug and ducked out the side door, not too long after that I heard a knock at the front door.



Shea: “Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge!”


“Hey Elsa!” I said cheerfully as I stepped outside to greet her, “What are you doing here?”

Elsa: “Um… You invited me remember?”

“Oh… Yeah.. Silly me, I completely forgot, Momma was going through one of her routines with me, sorry about that.” I opened the door and followed Elsa inside.


“Make yourself at home, I’ve just got to make a quick text.”

Elsa smiled and stepped into the lounge, sitting down on the couch. I turned away and pulled out my phone, I had my suspicions as to why she’d thought that I had text her.


I’m going to have to change my password, and have a chat to my momma about this little thing called privacy! But before that happens, I have a beautiful girl sitting in my living room.


Hmm… Not a bad idea.


Well, here goes nothing!


*sigh* What a perfect night.


Best. Momma. Ever!!!

2.18 – Worst Momma Ever


“Why hello there ladies and gentlemen! It is an honour to have you here on this fine evening. This part of my tour is always my favourite, the homecoming shows!”


“For me, it’s a time to catch up with family; my wife Alyssa, and my two boys Steven and Axel. It’s also a chance to give Alyssa a break from the boys, who has had to put up with their antics for the last six months that I’ve been touring.”


“So it was for this exact reason that I decided to gatecrash my boys dance-party. I know, I know, bad move – old bones and all that jazz. But I tell you what, it was the most fun I’ve had since my wedding!”


“See my boy Steven has got it bad for a girl. They’ve grown up together since we moved to Windenburg, and I think it’s only recently that he’s discovered feeling for her. Thing is, he’s not really sure how to go about going from friends to more than friends.”



“And me being the terrible momma that I am, I took full advantage of this and had a little fun at his expense. I kept telling stories about Steven as a kid, nonsense stuff really, most of it wasn’t even true. His face was going redder than his hair.”


“Every time he tried to escape, I would start chatting to his crush, and then start up another embarrassing story about my son.”


*Shea lowers her voice in an attempt mimics a man’s voice* “But Shea, you said you had two sons. What about Axel, what did you do to him?”

“Nothing of course. He’s got it bad for a girl too, but he’s making good progress all by himself. I’m sure I could’ve done something to embarrass him to, but in all honesty, it wouldn’t have been as fun as the shenanigans I pulled on Steven.”


“Anywho… That’s all for now, I’ll be back later on after I apologize to my son for embarrassing him again. Have a good night ladies and gentlemen, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”


“So guys… What do you think?”


“Yeah… I probably won’t add that to my set!”

2.17 – How Embarassing. How Fortuitous.

How… Embarrassing.


So we went to another midweek dance party, and I thought, this will be the one that I make my move. I’ll tell Elsa how I feel about her… Then Momma came home.

“Oh that sounds like fun! Mind if I tag along?” she asked.


How could I say no? We barely see her with all the travel she does for her job, what’s the worst that could happen? I thought to myself as I nodded my head.


Momma gravitated to Elsa and my friends. She couldn’t help herself, that’s just the kind of person she is, and I love her for that. Just not tonight.


It was story after story, after story. Yeah, they were funny. They always were with Momma, she always managed to make the most mundane thing sound amazing, yet every time I tried to slip away with Elsa, momma started to talk to her.


Max seemed to be enjoying my torment. Bastard. Ha, not really, I would’ve been the same if the roles were reversed. I’ll have to pay him back one day.

So the night went by, and not a bloody thing was done thanks to my Momma. Like I said before…


How… Embarrassing.

How… Fortuitous.


Momma focused all her attention of Steven and Elsa, leaving Blake and I to sneak off for a bit of privacy.


I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!


We took a dip in the lake, playfully splashing each other in the face in between smooth flirtations.


As the night wound down, we found ourselves in each others arms, content to just hold each other. Momma eventually managed to track us down and pull me away from my lovely Blake.

“This was so much fun! We should do this again!” she said on our way home. I heard Steven muttering something about Blake and I snogging in the lake under his breath and I couldn’t help but chuckle.


The funny thing is, we still haven’t kissed. Call me old fashioned, but I think that’s supposed to happen on the date. I think Blake wants to wait too, and it’s not like we have to wait that long anyway, our first date is this Friday.

Like I said before…


How… Fortuitous.


2.16 – Perfect Day

So I’m standing here in this little park, all alone because of a silly anonymous letter that was stuffed into my locker. I know who I want it to be, but chances are it was just a prank from either my brother or some of the seniors at school.


I thought that my brother was the dork that night at the dance-party when he didn’t make a move on Elsa. Well, guess who forgot to ask for Blake’s number before he left? Yup… I’m an idiot.

I hadn’t seen her in over a week, and I was starting to think that she’d been transferred to another school, another zone. I’d asked Sawyer about her, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know.

– Meet me by the Cherry tree. –


That was all the note said. If we were back in Willow Creek, this note would’ve been useless – Cherry tree, which Cherry tree? But out here, there was only one. So I wait, and I hope.

My thoughts were interrupted when a pair of soft, delicate hands slip around from behind me to cover my eyes. A girls voice whispers into my ear, “Guess who?”


I smile, and pause in this moment. Those hands felt so nice against my skin, her perfume smelt amazing and complimented the scent of the flowers that were scattered throughout this park.

Finally, I answer the girls question, “The most beautiful girl in the world.”

“Good answer!” replied the girl, as she dropped her perfect hands from my face. I turned around, keeping my eyes closed as I do so, and when I was facing the girl I opened them slowly to see that I was right.



“It’s you.” I breathed quietly.

Blake: “It’s me!”

“Where have you been? I thought I would never see you again?”

Blake: “Class camping trip at Granite Falls.”


I sat down on one of the park benches and just watched as Blake took a selfie.

“I asked Sawyer about you, and she said she didn’t know where you were.”

She  sat down next to me and just gave me this devious smile.

Blake: “Yeah, I know. I told her to be vague.”

“You wanted to see what I would do?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re just as sneaky as my momma!”


I was feeling bold, so I reached over and tickled her as payment for her mischievous plans. She giggled and pleaded for me to stop, but she was smiling the whole time. When I finally relented, she looked over to me and asked me a simple question.

Blake: “Hey… Wanna ditch school and go do some more dancing?”


“Lead the way beautiful.” I replied, repeating the exact same words I said when she asked me to stargaze, a minor detail that was not lost on the lovely Blake.


Blake led me to this Nightclub in town. The bouncer didn’t even bother look at us, let alone ID us as we walked on past – he was watching one of my momma’s old comedy shows and I couldn’t help but smile.


Blake: “What’s with the smile?” she asked me as we walked up the stairs side by side.

“Did you see the video that the bouncer was watching? It was one of my momma’s old comedy shows. I was just wondering what she was doing right now?”


Blake: “Probably something crazy.”

She hadn’t even met her, yet she knew her so well already… Mind you, I guess everybody knows what she’s like.

“Hey, let’s go and dance!” I stood up and held out my hand, Blake taking it and holding on tight as we walked down to the dance-floor hand-in-hand.


I didn’t want to let go, but reluctantly I did.


We found a nice little spot next to one of my brothers DJ buddies, a woman named Candy. We danced together for awhile, moving over a little bit as a weird old man started to dance vigorously behind us, a display that had Blake in tears and Candy grimacing.


We danced.


We flirted.


Then we flirted some more.


At one point I looked up and saw this nicely dressed man staring at me. He looked as if he was sizing me up, and I didn’t really like it. I turned away, putting the man out of my mind.

It was hard to do so, as every time I turned my head, I caught him looking at me.


When he moved onto the dance-floor, I  could overhear the conversation he was having with one of the other patrons.

Man: “Where’s the money Luke?”

Luke: “I… I don’t have it.”

Man: “Well, you know what happens to people who disappoint the Meatballs?”

Luke: “I’ll get it! I promise!”

Man: “I know you will Lukey.”


I really didn’t want him to turn his attention to me if that conversation was anything to go by, I turned to Blake.

“Hey gorgeous? I think we should gap it.”

She looked over to the man and nodded. But before I left, there was one thing to take care of.


With our numbers swapped, we walked outside hand-in-hand, the finely dressed man forgotten about. Blake stopped when we were out front and turned to me, letting go of my hand once more.

Blake: “I have to go home now.” she pouted, I could tell she didn’t want to go, and I sure as hell didn’t want her to go either.

“Well, I had fun today Blake. Perhaps we should do this again?”

Blake: “Totally.”

Here goes nothing…

“How about dinner, on Friday evening?”


Blake: “Axel, are you asking me out on a date?”



She pulled me in for a lingering hug, I didn’t want to let go, but I knew I had to once more.

Blake: “Well, I can’t wait till Friday evening then!” she whispered into my ear before breaking away from our embrace.

We said our goodbyes, and as I watched her walk away I thought to myself.

– Me too… What a perfect day. –






2.15 – Axel’s Bold Move

I can’t believe that Steven didn’t make a move the other night! What. A. Dick!

Oh well, it’s the weekend now, Friday night! Yeeeah! And we’re off to another dance-party over at the ruins. Perhaps my bro will grow some balls and actually do something about it tonight… But probably not.


We arrive together and Steven sees a blazing fire roaring in the distance and races over there to warm himself. Before long he was joined by others.


Steven started to talk to a girl from my Biology class… Sawyer I think her name was, yup, that was it! I decided to give fire-dancing a go and to my surprise I didn’t set myself on fire!

Improv Act

Sawyer excused herself to go and find a friend, while Steven pulled out his guitar and just started to jam. He’s pretty skilled with his instruments, and his righteous riffs lured in this pretty cute woman who danced with some fire-sticks to my bro’s song.

As the fire died out, we moved onto the dance-floor and Steven found himself dancing with Elsa again. What was he doing? Make a move you dork! Make a move!

Here… Like this you fool!


I turned to face this cute girl that was dancing next to me and I smiled, “Hey gorgeous! Your eyes are beautiful!”


She smiled back and moved closer to me, swaying her hips to suggest that she liked my bold pick-up line. She introduced herself as Blake and gave me a wink.

Sadly, my epic move did nothing to encourage my brother to act, so giving him up as a lost cause, I decided to focus on Blake. The best way to a woman’s heart is through her friends.

“Hey Sawyer? How are you doing in Biology class?”


Sawyer: “Oh man it is hard! And boring! I would much rather be dancing!”

“Well hey, if you ever need a study buddy, let me know!”

Sawyer: “Thanks!”

Blake: “That was nice. Hey, do you wanna go over there and look at the stars with me?”

“Lead the way beautiful.”

Blake: *giggles*


We spent the rest of the night just watching the stars, Blake pointed out a shooting star and I made a wish:

I wish that my idiot brother would stop being an idiot and make a move!

We didn’t talk much, only when there was something interesting to point out in the sky. Time moved too quickly and before long it was time to go home.

“It was nice meeting you Blake.” I said as I helped her up off the ground. She brushed the dirt and grass off her dress and smiled at me.

Blake: “Likewise. Perhaps I’ll see you around?”

“Oh definitely!”