2.20 – Date Night

Boy am I nervous, my date with Blake is tonight and I want it to go perfectly.

AxelPreparingForDateMomma suggested I take a bath to calm myself down… it didn’t work. I just hope that I don’t butcher it tonight. Guess I better get myself ready.


Whoa, who’s this handsome looking dude?


Oh, it’s me!


I totally got this… I’m still freaking nervous though, but I got this!


The second I saw Blake, my heart skipped a beat.

“Whoa, you look… amazing!”

Blake: “Aw, thanks! You scrub up nicely too!”


She’s blushing, that’s a good sign right?

“So… Um… Want to go inside?”


Smooth dude, real smooth! Idiot!

Blake: “Lead the way handsome.”

Wait, did she just use my own flirty comment back at me?


We spent a while checking the menu for something that caught our eyes, but nothing stood out like Blake. I was captivated by her beauty, and she knew it.


The waitress arrived and took our orders.

Blake: “I’ll have the Italian Meatballs.”

I scanned the menu one last time, set on ordering spaghetti.

“And I’ll have the… Oooooh! Volcano Pasta!”

Waitress: “And drinks? Might I suggest Love Potion #4?”

Blake and I looked at each other and giggled, “Sure, why not.”


We were left alone and I don’t know, something about the ambiance calmed me down and I became more like myself. I started flirting like crazy, and Blake was no less flirtatious.


Fifteen minute passed by and a different waitress came out with some bad news.

Waitress: “I’m sorry guys, but there was an incident in the kitchen involving a rogue bag of popping candy, a bottle of cream soda, and your Volcano Pasta. Let’s just say that Dante’s Peak had nothing on the eruption in the kitchen! Are you guys okay to wait some more? And would you like to change your order at all?”

Blake: “No that’s fine with me.”

“Yeah, me too. And now I really, really want that Volcano Pasta!”

Okay, that was too funny, I should tell my momma about this waitress, she would like that kind of impromptu joke.


Back to the business at hand. All nerves were gone, and we were in full-flight.


I couldn’t get over how gorgeous she was, and how lucky I was that she was attracted to me.


I even spotted Elsa her with her parents, we smiled briefly at each other and carried on with our own things.


Not long after that our dinner arrived and boy it looked good!


It’s a shame the taste didn’t match the looks. I’m pretty sure that if I’d ordered the spaghetti like I had originally planned, I wouldn’t be complaining about the bad food.

Now that the date was over, and we were outside Blake’s house, I just had one last thing to ask.


“Um… Blake?”

Blake: “Yeah?”

She had an expectant look about her, did she already know what was coming?


“Um… Would you be my-“


Blake: “YES! A thousand times yes!”

Well, it’s a good thing I wasn’t just asking her to be my study buddy!


I bet I smiled like a dork, I smiled like a dork didn’t I?


We stepped in to her front porch, and the nerves struck me once more.

“Well… Goodnight my beautiful Blake.”

I stepped towards her, and stared into her stunning eyes.


“Goodnight my-“


Wow… Amazing.



  1. BBQPenguinWings · June 12, 2016

    Awww they are so cute together!
    That pasta is dangerous!!
    Thanks for using my build too

    Liked by 1 person

  2. munterbaconsims · June 12, 2016

    The restaurant used in this chapter was made by BBQPenguinWings, as was the beautiful Blake. Here is the link for any that would like to grab it: https://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/0BE091D32D3F11E680B643D6C10BB86C?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=Bbqpenguinwings&max=50&maxis=false

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ninjapigsims · June 13, 2016

    Such a perfect night! Apart from the food, everything was like a dream. Congrats to the beautiful couple! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • munterbaconsims · June 13, 2016

      I have a sneaking suspicion that ninjapig was behind the erupting volcano pasta! Yeah it was a perfect night, I just left them at it and sat back to watch 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ninjapigsims · June 13, 2016

        It sounds like something right up her alley, to be honest.

        *ninjapig suddenly breathes fire*

        *innocent oink*

        …ookay. Anyway! I can’t wait to


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