2.21 – They Party Amongst Us

You know… When Luna told me about Alien Night at the bar, I thought she was having me on, but here we are, in the bar, and I can safely say that there are at least three aliens here… Maybe more, I’m told they can wear disguises… Creepy!

We’d decided to go out and celebrate the signing of the sale agreement of our new house, the Von-Windenburg Estate that the Villareal’s currently live in. It took long enough for the papers to be signed and go through the legal avenues, but come Sunday, we’ll be living in a massive new home.


Hugo seemed to be in his element. He was chatting away to two of them at the bar for quite some time.


While Luna and Elsa were laughing about some new Vine that went viral. I didn’t find it particularly funny, but I do have a world famous comedian as a mother, I’m kind of spoilt for lols.


Hugo joined us in a game of Don’t Wake the Llama when the two Alien woman excused themselves from their conversation.


While Axel struck up a conversation with the fiery-haired one himself. I asked him later what they spoke about, but he didn’t seem to recall even talking to her… Weird!


With a resounding crash as Blake pulled out the wrong piece, our game was over. Elsa was just happy that it wasn’t me that lost.

“Fooseball?” Blake asked as she cleaned up the board.

We agreed upon a couple vs. couple game and Blake called over Axel in true epic fashion.

Blake: “Hey Fuck-knuckle! Fooseball!”

Axel: “Oh it’s on!”


Elsa: “Fooseball? What’s that?”

Hehehe, I fell for that scam once.


We took a three goal lead, as Elsa took over the game. I think I touched the ball only twice during that three goal streak, and that was only to block goals.


They managed to snatch back two goals in quick succession – one each, due to my inferior defence, which Elsa was not happy about.

Elsa: “I think you’d better stick to your music babe.”

“Yeah, me too.” I laughed as we continued the game.


Elsa took control once more, and scored another goal to bring the score to 4 – 2. One more goal was all we needed, and Elsa delivered…


I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to get the ball in the air and started to juggle it between her defence and midfield lines. Axel and Blake were powerless to stop her as she showed off her Fooseball prowess, they just watched each juggle with ever-growing attention, and that is when she struck. Elsa launched the ball back to her defence and spun the handle in a powerful backspin, connecting with the ball on such an angle that it curved right past Axel’s valiant defence. 5 – 2, the game was ours…


I mean hers.

Axel: “What’s Fooseball huh?”

Blake: “Yeah, never falling for that one again!”


Ah… The winner’s embrace. Best part of the night.



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